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‘First-in-Class’ Alternative Asset

Comparison of the top 50 world artists with traditional and alternative assets:

(*) Source: PitchBook – Data as of 9/30/20 according to 5-year IRR calculation.

Excellent Historical Profitability

Growth data between January 1, 2000, and October 31, 2021.


Why does the ‘Blue-Chip’ Art Market keep growing?

The investment in ‘blue-chip’ artists is growing largely due to the growth in the number of HNWI which in the United Sales has increased by 243% from 2008 to 2019 according to Capgemini, and is comparable the growth of the valuation index of the top 50 most important world artists based on Artprice**.

Access the Most Liquid Investment in Art

We invest in the top 100 most important artists who have the most liquidity in the market as they are the most demanded and highest quality in the world.

The broad art market, including low-value art below $250K, has had a flat performance since 2000 while the market for high value, blue-chip art has performed strongly and outperformed the broader market significantly.

Diversified and theme-based art funds

Based on 18 global trends for the 2022-2030 period, we develop Themes as an alpha contribution in the investment portfolio of the funds, grouping different artists and styles to diversify the risk. As a good example, the women empowerment theme delivered 2.5 times than male artists return since 2012:

159% Revaluation

We also invest in those artists in the last phase of their life. Of the 36 best 500 artists in the world who died between 2000 and 2012, their works of art had an average revaluation of 159% after passing away.

DON’T worrY


Our team of professionals has more than 95 years of experience in the art market from various European, North American, and Asian geographies, covering the entire art market.

Monthly NAV Updates

Using big data and owned algorithms we offer you monthly and yearly certified NAV updates. Easy for your audit and to see the evolution of your investment.

Art as Shelter Value

Works of art are investments with less correlation with other financial assets and less susceptible to fluctuations and economic cycles.

Certified Fund Mgr

We manage Art Funds for Accredited and Institutional Investors. We are certified by Spanish Securities Market Regulator (CNMV) under European Law.

social and sustainable funds

Commitment to Sustainability

Using low CO2 emission logistics, reusable materials of transportation, and moving artworks only when necessary through pre-established art road channels thanks to our logistic partners.

Commitment to Social

We dedicate 0.3% of the funds to disabled artists through specialized foundations.

Investment opportunities

For Accredited and Institutional Investors
access to our funds for having sustainable returns.


The value of the Arts

Investing in art is a very cost-effective and low-risk decision. Globally 61% of wealthy people invest between 11% and 50% of their investments in artworks as they revalued their assets***

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(**) Artprice50 includes the top 50 most valuable artists in the art market. This index belongs to Artprice, the world’s leader in information on the global fine arts market listed on Paris Euronext. Annualized ROI data for the S&P 500 Index includes its dividends. 

(***) Data extracted from Art Economics 2021.

The data presented is intended exclusively for accredited investors. Specific information, opinions, estimates, and forecasts were obtained from sources that are reasonably believed to be reliable and are subject to change at any time. Historical data is not indicative of future returns.