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Alternative Asset for Return Opportunities

Comparison of ArtsGain Funds with traditional and alternative assets:

Investing in art funds hedge against traditional market risks and enhance return opportunities.

First-in-Class Real Asset during Uncertain Times

Diversification in High-Quality Artworks

Now is the best time to co-invest in artists with a solid track record and high potential. Our Funds group different artists and styles, diversifying risk as each one evolves differently.

Your Money in Future Value

Art assets have achieved an average yield(**) of 14% per annum and accumulated gains of 505% for blue-chip artists, growing 2.7 times the S&P 500 stock index since 2000, which earned 9.5% per year.

Monthly NAV Updates

Art is an alternative asset with tracking data. We offer you monthly and yearly certified NAV updates. No worries about your audit and the evolution of your investment.

Art as Shelter Value

Works of art are investments with less correlation with other financial assets and less susceptible to fluctuations and economic cycles.

Certified Fund Mgr

We manage Art Funds for Accredited and Institutional Investors. We are certified by Spanish Securities Market Regulator (CNMV) under European Law.

Technology at your Service

Using big data, statistical analysis, and developed an algorithm jointly with Barcelona Tech University to value your investment’s art and its evolution.

Commitment to sustainability

Our commitment is translated into using low CO2 emission means of logistics, using reusable materials of transportation, and moving artworks only when necessary through pre-established art road channels thanks to our logistic partners.

Investment opportunities

For Accredited and Institutional Investors


The value of the Arts

Investing in art is a very cost-effective and low-risk decision. Globally 61% of wealthy people invest between 11% and 50% of their investments in artworks as they revalued their assets and increased their value over time***.

Are you an artwork owner, gallery representative, or merchant with a Certificate of Authenticity?

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Are you a Qualified or Institutional Investor?

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(*) Quantitative data extracted from various public US sources. Annual returns since 2000 for ArtsGain funds are based on the Artprice100 index as the funds only invest in the highest valued artists in the art market. Price volatility comes from Saatchi Art during the crisis period between Q4'04 and Q2'18. Qualitative data are based opinion of ArtsGain's team and do not mean any investment recommendation.

(**) Artprice100 Index includes the top 100 most valuable artists in the art market. This index belongs to Artprice, the world’s leader in information on the global fine arts market listed on EuroNext. Annualized ROI data for the S&P 500 Index includes its dividends. The ArtsGain AGV data has been calculated by ArtsGain using statistical analysis based on the fund's target artists. Past benefits do not guarantee future profitability and are only an informative statistical sample without indicating any investment recommendation.

(***) Data extracted from Art Economics 2021.