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Co-investment in art, a smart decision

Invest in Art like a large investor

Now is the best time to co-invest in artworks and artists with a solid track of record or high potential just as any big investor would.

Your money and the likely returns

Our team selects and offers you the best opportunities after analysing the art market and its trends.

Art assets have achieved a sustained average yield of 4.5% per annum over the last 16 years with a linear progression of 92% in their monetary value (*).

Invest to suit your budget

It is no longer necessary to invest heavily to buy great works of art. Collective investments allow you to take part with relatively small amounts of fund. You now  have same possibilities and capital gains as the big investors. You simply have the buying power by being one of many joint investors.

Immediate liquidity

If you need to divest before the expected investment period, we will sell your shares to other investors. This way will help you to obtain liquidity immediately.

Diversify your assets and risk

Our investment vehicles are structured in art collections that group artistic styles of various artists. So you get risk diversified wealth by co-investing in different artworks and artists that can evolve in different ways.

(*) ArtPrice has valued these figures as of December 31, 2015 after analysing more than 20,000 acquisitions worldwide for all types of artworks since 2000. ArtPrice is the world’s leader in information on the global fine arts market.

Our Collections

The value of the Arts

Investing in art is a very cost-effective and low-risk decision. Globally professionals invest 22% of their investments in artworks as they revalued their assets and increased their value over time.

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