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Xavier Olivella

Xavier Olivella

Co-founder and CEO, Barcelona
  • Global Tech Entrepreneur
  • Sotheby’s Art Investments’s Certification
  • IT Engineer UPC, Exec MBA IESE
Mª Dolores Maza

Mª Dolores Maza

Co-founder, Madrid
  • Public Administration
  • Tax and Legal Expertise
  • Bachelor of Law, Zaragoza University
Ernest Sales

Ernest Sales

Counselor and Investor, Dubai
  • Founder Family Office MOI
  • Midis Group Advisor
  • IT Engineer UPC, Exec MBA IE
Ilaria Cavazzana

Ilaria Cavazzana

Art Counselor, Sevilla-Verona
  • Art Advisor for Collectors
  • Expert in Modern & Contemporary Art Market
  • MA in History of Art, Sotheby’s Institute of Arts’s Certification

Stefan Piekarski

Art Advisor, Düsseldorf
  • Art Advisor for Institutions, Collectors
  • Expert in German Modern & Contemporary Art Market
  • Bachelor in Finance, Duisburg University
Argimiro Arratia

Argimiro Arratia

FinTech Art Advisor, Barcelona
  • Art Econometrics Tech Advisor
  • Expert in Computational Finance
  • Professor of Computer Science, Barcelona Tech
Eric Anderson

Eric Anderson

Business Dev, Barcelona
  • Investors Identification
  • Communication Specialist
  • Marketing Researcher, UPC
Oriol Vilanova

Oriol Vilanova

Luxury Cars Advisor, Barcelona
  • Director Fund Drive Investments
  • Expert in Classic Cars
  • Advisor Classic Car Design & Strategy
John Temerian

John Temerian

Luxury Cars Advisor, Miami
  • President Curated Car Investment Fund
  • Expert in Vintage Super Cars
  • Founder Lou Lavie, Luxury Car Rental
Alfonso Olive

Alfonso Olive

Legal Advisor, Barcelona
  • Legal Advisor for Enterprises
  • Legal Expert in Finance
  • Bachelor of Law, Barcelona University