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Blue-Chip Art Funds

Closed-End Art Funds invest in High-Quality artworks from World Class Blue-Chip artists. Each artwork acquisition is linked with the Strategic Themes identified as key opportunities in the art market of the Investment Plan. The uneven evolution of the selected artists and artwork styles enables a great de-correlation of the assets, reducing the risk.


For Accredited and Institutional investors

Expected annual net return: 15% – 17%

Historical* evolution regarding stock market indices and art benchmarks:

(*) ArtsGain AVF refers to Spanish-resident ArtsGain Alternative Value Fund. Related financial data have been calculated from statistical analyzes developed by ArtsGain based on data from ArtPrice, a leading company in the art market information and listed on Euronext Paris. The calculation methodology is based on annualized indexes of valuation and evolution of target artists in the global art market to estimate their historical global evolution.

Past benefits are not a guarantee of future profitability. Shown data provides only informative statistics without indicating any investment recommendation or advice.