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As in everything, in art, some factors and characteristics determine its value. The investment world is complex, and art is a new asset that is gaining not only popularity but also profitability, something that attracts investors from all fields in an attempt to integrate into this new way of investing, learning, and innovating. . Currently investing in art is something very profitable: we find good investments with good profitability, to such an extent that their data tells us that it is more appropriate to invest in art than in the stock market. But what determines the value of art?

The great experts name three specific factors:

  1. Exclusivity: Most art pieces are unique, and the people who acquire them are willing to pay a lot of money for them since they will be the only ones in the world who can have them, and this exclusivity generally generates an increasing value.
  2. Differentiation: each artist has a unique form of expression, that something that makes them different is decisive to give value to her works. When an artist creates unique pieces that clearly represent their own style and have become known for their talent, they make people want to buy their best works, and the more known the artist is, the more money they will have to pay for them.
  3. Time: works of art are revalued as the years go by, especially when they are kept in perfect condition or when they have been created by an artist who no longer did any similar work or who has already passed away. This point is essential so that the investment in works of art is always profitable.

Thus, investing in art is an excellent way to multiply your money, especially when you get advised by market specialists and are willing to invest a significant sum of money or do so in the form of collective investment to reach interesting art products.

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