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NFT for our memorable moment

“Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art” great and famous quote expressed by Andy Warhol and reflected in his “Dollar Sign” in 1982, one of his most famous series. Warhol’s interest in wealth and money is evident in his literal emphasis on money and the value of the society places on such a simple symbol. This work is the ultimate manifestation of Andy Warhol’s love story with money.

For this reason, we wanted to express in a similar way our memorable moment, which also has to do not so much directly with money but with the institution that regulates the investments that are made using it. In memory of the day that our company was authorized to operate as a manager of equity funds in art.

No better way to use NFTs that reflect memorable moments or unique events to immortalize that date. So, we created our own NFT representing our “momentum” in NFT format and brushed in pop-art that you may enjoy at Opensea platform, today the most visited in the crypto-artistic world.