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Arte Online Madrid: bitcoins & company

At October 24, an event organized by The Art Market Agency, Arte Online Madrid, took place at the Hotel de las Letras, where we find an annual reflection on the state of the art online art issue, not only by the experts who make up the Art Market Agency as well as other big names in the online art market.

Throughout the day, personalities such as Adeline Pilon (CEO of Happening), Joe Elliot (CEO of Artlogic), Eva Peribáñez (senior expert of Hiscox Insurance), Ana Trigo (senior expert in Catawiki), etc. Although the morning was dedicated to a series of papers focused on, in a way, the teaching of forms and typologies of maintaining an adapted and coherent web for online commerce, an analysis of its current state in this country, and internationally , and publicize tools that can help promote this kind of trade, the afternoon was complete with several workshops that illustrated the attendees in matters such as selling art online viewed from an artist’s point, SEO and PPC positioning and its absolute importance in the online commerce and different forms of payment for those new collectors whose purchasing power is reduced.

In the middle of that afternoon of workshops is where we find Xavier Olivella and his bitcoins. It was not easy, of course: to explain to a crowded room and at that time (around five in the afternoon) tired and overloaded with information, the operation of bitcoins and their use in the art world.

Through metaphors, and even the presence of several members of the room on the platform of lectures (going to have as examples to Juan A. Rodriguez, event organizer and founder of The Art Market Agency, Tamara Kreisler, CEO of KreislerArt, or Abraham Villar, SEO expert and first speaker of the afternoon), skillfully achieved its goal: it aroused the interest of the attendees and managed to actively intervene those who were present.

As soon as we can, we will attach the YouTube link so that we can all learn together the use of bitcoins in the art.

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