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artSingular gives visibility to Singular artists

The oldest Spanish art gallery Sala Parés presented in society the work of 16 artists selected from a total of 100 included in the ArtSingular program of the Josep Santacreu Foundation. artSingular aims to give visibility to art created by people with functional disabilities, mental illness, or people at risk of social exclusion. artSingular accompanies artists from their training and creation to disseminating their work, always accompanied by professionals from the Contemporary Art sector. artSingular comprises artists from the workshops of social entities in the Catalan region.

During the presentation, Joan Anton Margall, director of the Sala Parés, highlighted that “for the first time since 1877 an exhibition of this type has been held. Great artists, such as Ramon Casas or Isidre Nonell, who have exhibited in this gallery, would be delighted with the quality of the work of the artists exhibited and for having fulfilled the dream of the Josep Santacreu Foundation and the great dedication of Eva Calatayud”.

Eva Calatayud with two of the selected artists.

The art critic Carles Guerra and former director of the Antoni Tàpies Foundation stressed that “the so-called ‘art brut’ has always been misused and, in reality, this is art like the art of other artists.”

For Eva Calatayud, director of artSingular, she highlighted “the passion for art, the artist’s talent is independent of the person behind it. It is an exhibition of disabled artists, but none are disabled for art. They have plenty of talent, which you can appreciate in this gallery. The whole work as a whole has the common thread of giving visibility to artists who have special characteristics that make it difficult for them to reach the public that other artists can reach”.

In addition, a selection of the works of the award-winning artists participates in the artistic packaging of chocolates from Casa Dalmases created in Cervera (Lleida) that collaborates with the Foundation.

Exhibition open to the public from February 16 to 19, 2022 in Sala Parés in the Gothic quarter of Barcelona.