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We include a comparison between the most popular stock indices and the econometric indices of the art market. For this, we use the absolute value of their respective indices considering 100 as base value as of January 1, 2000, and the percentages applied to correspond to the average growth of those indices from that date to the last day of the indicated month (in the graphic example, as of November 30, 2021).

The ‘Top 50 artists‘ index corresponds to the average of the top 50 world artists of the Artprice* art index according to data corresponding to their respective artistic category (painting, sculpture, drawing) that individually characterizes each artist extracted from the Artprice* database.

The ‘ArtsGain AVF‘ index corresponds to the average of the Artprice* index of the artists selected for the investment fund ArtsGain Alternative Value Fund (AVF) following the same calculation method above.

Picasso‘ index corresponds to Pablo Picasso’s Artprice* index with respect to his painting artworks.

The calculated data is carried out by the ArtsGain team on a monthly basis to offer comparisons of historical data between financial indices and art market indices at the market close date on the last day of the corresponding month.

This information is made for the exclusive purpose of giving guidance to potential investors without providing any future certainty of the behavior of indicated indices and does not, in any case, mean any type of advice on financial or art investments.

(*) Artprice is the leading company in information on the art market listed on the Euronext Paris stock exchange and offers regular information on more than 899,000 artists and the prices of works by these artists from more than 13.5 million auctions since the year 2000.