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ArtsGain allows accredited investors to co-invest in Art Equity Funds with a high value and high potential resale values in the future.

Top 5 reasons to invest differently with ArtsGain

1.- Expertise
Investing in art requires extensive knowledge of the market. Our combination of international art experts and advisers and the development of our own econometric model for calculating the value of works allows us to build balanced investment proposals.

2.- Co-invest to acquire more Value
Investing in artworks of artists with international recognition and high-value artworks usually require great liquidity and wealth. Co-investing with other investors allows you to participate in attracting investments and diversify into different art funds.

3.- Diversify to Win
Your investment is always about a fund consisting of different artworks and artists. This type of investment balances out the possible fluctuations that an artist and his/her artwork may suffer in the art market.

4.- Store of Value
Globally ultra-wealthy people invest 22% of their investments in artworks, antiques, and collectibles as they revalue their assets and increased their value over time.

5.- Straight Forward and Transparent
You simply decide how much you want to invest. Our team is then responsible for everything: buying process, management, custody and selling of the artworks, and the reimbursement of your capital and gains.