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artsgain ALTERNATIVE value fund ficc

This Closed-End Equity Fund defined a “Buy&Hold” Strategy of a diversified portfolio that combines assets of renowned artists with artworks of other artists with great future projection. The uneven evolution of the selected artists and artwork styles enables a great de-correlation of the assets, reducing the risk. Revaluation of the investment in 6 years and quarterly dividend as a result of the exhibition in museums and cultural institutions.

ISIN ES0110357003 – Registered by  Spanish Securities Regulator (CNMV)




Holding period: 6 years

Investor target: Qualified Investors 



Historical ratios* based on target artists:

+ Historial Yield 2013-19: 8.24% per annum

+ Volatility Ratio 2013-19: 0.58% per annum


Historical* evolution
 of the target artists versus Dow Jones & SP500 indexes:

(*) Related financial data have been calculated from statistical analyzes developed by ArtsGain based on data from ArtPrice, leading company in the arts market information and listed on EuroNext. The calculation methodology is based on annualized indexes of valuation and evolution of target artists in the global arts market to estimate their historial evolution and average yearly volatility ratio. Past benefits are not a guarantee of future profitability and are only an informative statistical sample without indicating any investment recommendation.